Christian Fogh (Italian Version)

Essential biography:

Architect, born in Milan in 1964 has been the first Italian student to pioneer the European student exchange program "Erasmus" in 1988
Graduated in architecture in 1991 at Milan Polytechnic with one of the first thesis designed with a 3d computer program
Ph.D. in '96 disserting on Artificial Intelligent techniques applied to CAD models
Devoted to solve technological matters, divides his working time between personal assignments and cooperation with other architects, engineers and design firms

Designer and producer of the smoking pot "Affumicodroma", link object of Nordic tradition and Italian creativity
Self employed as architect, designer and consultant in various design studios in Italy. Projects include restoration apartments design and offices, industrial design and furniture design for private clients and design shops, in Milan, corporate factory design with work experience on the entire design process
Events, fairs design, exhibitions are parts of the working skills


Italian, mother tongue. English, fluent written and spoken. Danish, conversational